Scalable, Adaptable, Data Hungry Prediction

Our Data-Based Intelligence thrives where traditional models break down. The more data you throw at us, the better.

How Projections Are Formed

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Identify any data series in any data set. We can search for multiple disparate patterns simultaneously.

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Our proprietary search algorithms find similar conditions in any size database returning only the most relevant results.

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These results are analyzed, and a probabilistic range of outcomes is generated. These data-based predictions contain unique insight that cannot be combined through any other method.


As new information becomes available, it is immediately taken into account. This is not traditional modeling. This is data-based search, an evolution in prediction.

Financial Professionals

We’re already working with some of the most distinguished financial institutions, asset managers and hedge funds in the world to help them make profitable investment decisions. Let us show you how.

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Applicable Across Industries

This patented pattern matching technology has previously been applied to the Neurosciences, The Human Genome Project and NASA. Find out how it can impact your business.

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