5 Fintech Firms Emerging in Boston


EidoSearch – In the world of big data, he who gets it and analyzes it the quickest wins. This is an especially valuable proposition in the investment arena where analysts must be able to crunch mountains of data to make split-second buy or sell calls on their positions.

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EidoSearch’s Forecast for 2018

Futures Magazine

The world is uncertain. Forecasting is hard. Holding yourself accountable is even harder. But if you resolve to do it right, you will likely improve

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Hedge funds must evolve amid tech disruption

Investor Daily

Today, start-ups like Kensho, Sentient and EidoSearch use natural language and image/signal processing, machine learning and other sophisticated data science techniques to analyse billions of historical records and replicate the insights found by these traders, but they do it faster, cheaper and better.

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How Can A Model Predict What A ‘Drunken Psycho’ Will Do?


“There is no one model that describes financial markets,” Kedmey said in an interview with Benzinga. “In a complex world, you have a better chance of success by looking for times and conditions that are like today, looking at what the outcomes were, and using those outcomes to forecast a range of possibilities.”

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Black Art Or Reality – Predictive Software Analytics For The Financial Sector?

Global Banking And Finance

During the past few years, EidoSearch has advanced beyond traditional analytic approaches, helping to usher in a paradigm shift in the analysis of current market conditions and cross comparing them against history to generated forecasted return distributions. Capturing these events to analyse the links within and across asset classes using multiple variables gives investors a powerful tool to support their investment portfolios and trade decisions.

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The Golden Key to Digital Wealth Management

Thomson Reuters

Digital Wealth Management is in a nascent phase, compared to innovations in Payments and Consumer Banking. However the same forces that drove these innovations – 24/7 digital delivery, compliance, contextual relevance and transparency on fees – are now also driving changes in Digital Wealth Management.

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Imagining the Future without The Past

May 2, 2016

History is not only a guide to the future, there literally is no imaginable future without it. Amnesic patients show just how profoundly our predictions are rooted in memory. When the psychiatrist Endel Tulving asked one patient, N.N., “What are you doing tomorrow,” he recorded the patient’s response:

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The Upside of FedEx Has A Probability of X

March 21, 2016

"FedEx shares surged last week.... They’ve got another 15% to 20% upside in a year."

-Jack Hough, Barron's on March 19, 2016

Now before you go rushing off to buy FedEx shares, try filling in the blank:

There is a __% chance FedEx will rise another 15% to 20% in the next 1 year.

A.10% chance
B. 30% chance
C. 75% chance
D. I’m drawing a blank

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The Future of Yahoo!?

March 14, 2016

"The path to success is never linear, right?"

-Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO

Marissa Mayer’s defense of Yahoo!’s track record: non-linearity.

That might not resonate with shareholders in a proxy-fight, but if you look at pretty much any stock data, you’d see Marissa is absolutely correct. Stock valuations are event-driven, complex, hard-to-model…non-linear systems.

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