Imagining the Future without The Past

May 2, 2016

History is not only a guide to the future, there literally is no imaginable future without it. Amnesic patients show just how profoundly our predictions are rooted in memory. When the psychiatrist Endel Tulving asked one patient, N.N., “What are you doing tomorrow,” he recorded the patient’s response:

There is a 15-second pause. N.N. smiles faintly, then says, “I don’t know.” Tulving asks, “How would you describe your state of mind when you try to think about it?” A 5-second pause. “Blank, I guess.”

We use our past flexibly – rearrange it, reassemble it, and recombine it – to anticipate the future.

EidoSearch, operating like the hippocampus, helps us imagine what might happen next. And, being machine based, we don’t suffer from memory lapses.  Below are memories from technology companies in the past that help us simulate possible futures in the next 1 month for the following stocks (from most positive to most negative):

Market Call_20160502

In the spirit of catchy acronyms, a group we’ll call AGMAF…that is until new data arrives and the rankings adapt.

Market Call_20160502_aapl

Market Call_20160502_goog

Market Call_20160502_msft

Market Call_20160502_amzn

Market Call_20160502_fb

Don’t forget to have a great week!


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