A Revolution in Prediction.

EidoSearch is a probability intelligence company. When you know the probabilities, there’s a better chance you’ll make good decisions. You can get whiplash by snowboarding, boxing, playing football, viagra lowest price doing gymnastics or simply cradling a telephone between the neck and ear. Should the cheapest prices for cialis IUI cycle remain unproductive, couples may discuss with their reproductive endocrinologists other forms of intervention. After meeting with Johari, Kilham was convinced that Tongkat Ali is a scientifically viagra india pharmacy studied plant. Since most Yoga teachers and students, outside of India, are women, I am addressing Yoginis who know the value of their Yoga practice. viagra pfizer canada  Our numeric search engine finds conditions in data with forecasting power, offering a glimpse into our many possible futures.

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Data-Based Intelligence

We have entered an era of exponential growth in data, and traditional modeling cannot keep pace. EidoSearch’s Data-Based Intelligence holds these key advantages over traditional modeling techniques:

No Models

New Data Incorporated

Probabilistic Range
of Outcomes


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100+ billion pattern comparisons daily to uncover opportunities and allow for better estimation of risks across:

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Our Technology

The Predictive Analytics Technology that we have developed can be applied to any set of time series data, in any domain.

Health Care

Heart rate pattern analysis to project anomalies.


Same Store Sales, Seasonality, etc

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Imagining the Future without The Past

History is not only a guide to the future, there literally is no imaginable future without it. Amnesic patients show just how profoundly our predictions are rooted in memory. When the psychiatrist Endel Tulving asked one patient, N.N., "What are you doing tomorrow,” he recorded the patient’s response: Read More

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