An Evolution in Prediction.

EidoSearch uses patented pattern matching technology to project probable event outcomes and find relationships in Big Data.

FRESH OFF THE PRESS Big Data: The Future Is Now

Data-Based Intelligence

We have entered an era of exponential growth in data, and traditional modeling cannot keep pace. EidoSearch’s Data-Based Intelligence holds these key advantages over traditional modeling techniques:

No Models

New Data Incorporated

Probabilistic Range
of Outcomes


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100+ billion pattern comparisons daily to uncover opportunities and allow for better estimation of risks across:

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Our Technology

The Predictive Analytics Technology that we have developed can be applied to any set of time series data, in any domain.

Health Care

Heart rate pattern analysis to project anomalies.


Same Store Sales, Seasonality, etc

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LinkedIn and The Biggest Losers

“Unless you puke, faint, or die, keep going!”

– Jillian Michaels, Red Team trainer on The Biggest Loser

The word Loser sounds so harsh. Tableau, Linkedin, Splunk and Workday - all companies that we greatly admire - earned that dubious distinction on Friday. We're just repeating what Bloomberg said. While most financial software vendors serve up backwards-looking comparative stats, EidoSearch looks forward. Below is our projected price performance for Linkedin showing an average return of positive 1.6% in the next five days, with a 70% likelihood of landing within the range of up 8.0% to down -5.4%. Read More

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