Using powerful, cutting edge pattern recognition technology, EidoSearch provides Equity Traders, Analysts, Portfolio Managers and Strategists with the ability to project return and trend expectations for thousands of stocks, based on decades of history — all within seconds. more

Futures & FX

EidoSearch is a critical new tool for CTA's, Futures Traders and any research professional or asset manager investing in the pattern driven Futures and FX Markets. Our technology allows investors to do powerful searches on current and historical trends, and to look across asset classes to project returns and rapidly answer critical questions that were essentially unanswerable in the past. more

Global Macro

EidoSearch is a revolutionary technology that looks at current and historical Global Macro trends to quickly answer the questions: When has this happened before and what was the outcome? Our pattern recognition software can take this information and look at the linkages across asset classes accurately and efficiently for the first time ever to determine market direction and discover unanticipated relationships. more


EidoSearch provides systematic investors with a powerful new research tool to analyze unique patterns across millions of rows of data, including proprietary data. Quants can also leverage signals, via data export, that generate alpha across a broad range of specified patterns and can be incorporated into existing models. more


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Bank of America Merrill Lynch Expands "BofA Merrill Open Minds" With Two New Research Providers EidoSearch and MERA

Bank of America Merrill Lynch announced the addition of EidoSearch Predictive Analytics to its BofA Merrill Open Minds alternative research platform.
BofA Merrill Open Minds has been complementing the firm's industry-leading proprietary research since 2007 by providing institutional clients access to highly specialized independent research, covering areas such as corporate integrity risk, federal legislation and regulation, litigation and many industry sectors. The addition of EidoSearch and MERA will expand the highly specialized independent research suite currently available on the platform.

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